The area’s only Orthopedic Urgent Care

Our team of highly qualified orthopedic medical experts provides you specialized care for sprains, strains and broken bones. Why visit an impersonal Emergency Room and wait for hours when you can find the quality orthopedic care in a more convenient and personalized setting at Xpress Ortho Care.

It’s our goal to get you back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible. In fact, our entire process was developed with quality and efficiency in mind—we want your visits to our clinic to be as easy and as comforting as possible.

We offer flexible hours and walk-ins are welcome, no appointment necessary. We also accept most major insurances, as well as cash, checks and all major credit cards. As the area’s only orthopedic urgent care, we are conveniently located in Dyer, Indiana, to provide accessible care to all the communities of Northwest Indiana as well as the neighboring Illinois communities.

We also utilize an advanced electronic medical record (EMR) system, so we can efficiently share your health information (only with your approval) with your primary care provider, other specialists or local area hospitals to ensure continuity of your care.

Are you suffering from any of the following?

Your spine is critical as it carries signals from the brain to the rest of your body. All of your daily activities rely on your spine and back movements. Whether it’s minor or persistent, any back pain can be a sign of acute and chronic spine-related conditions. Read more.

Nothing can hamper your enjoyment of daily life like excruciating foot pain. We can help you get back on your feet in no time. Foot and ankle problems can be the result of genetics, common injuries or trauma. Read more.

A fracture is any break in the surface of the bone. Sprains can also sometimes include a fracture, but it may be difficult to know without an x-ray. An expert who specializes in fracture care is the best person to treat a broken bone. Read more.

Most hand, wrist or elbow pain is temporary. However, it’s important to note that some pain can indicate a permanent issue requiring expert medical care. If you have been suffering from recurring or long-lasting hand, wrist or elbow, it’s important to have it evaluated. Read more.

Lacerations are cuts or open wounds that break the skin. It is possible for a laceration to occur on any part of your body. However, hand lacerations can be particularly troublesome. Read more.

At Xpress Ortho Care treat a wide range of hip & knee problems, from chronic issues to acute and post-surgical injuries. Don’t let pain slow you down; let us return you to pain-free movement in no time. Read more.

Trauma patients often include those who have sustained multiple injuries or isolated fractures resulting from automobile or motorcycle accidents, falls or other incidents. Read more.

Whether it’s a bump, sprain or break, we understand your child may need pediatric orthopedic expertise immediately. However, we also understand that kids are not just miniature adults. Read more.

While one of the most flexible joints in the human, the shoulder is surprisingly delicate and problems can have a major impact on your everyday activities, particularly in athletics. Read more.

As an athlete, you strive to keep your body in its best possible shape. However, sometimes the very activities that help keep you fit also cause problems with your physical health. Read more.

Many school districts and club sports organizations require physical exams prior to joining sports teams or participating in other extracurricular activities. Xpress Ortho Care offers convenient, walk-in sports physicals. Read more.

A sprain is an injury to ligaments, while strains are the result of a stretched ligament. These both are often caused by falls, twisting limbs or getting hit and are common in fingers, wrists, ankles, knees and foot arches. Read more.